SkåneFolk Youth Ensemble

gives you young traditional folk music and dance of the highest standard. The ensemble creates a vivid performance. Based on traditional music and dance from Scania the ensemble uses the similarities and differences you find in various folk cultures to show the rich culture expressions you can find in Scania today.


Review of 2011 years performance “The two sisters” published in Ystads Allehanda

The plot is built on the medieval ballad about two sisters, love, jealousy and death. Freja Molbberg is the plays singing narrator that repeats the famous refrain from the ballad: “Blowing cold, cold weather across the lake”.

But mostly the story is told through folk music and dance. The instruments – violins, electric and acoustic guitarrs, double base, flute, saxophones and drums – makes the music swift between Swedish folk music, folk rock, medieval, multi culture and what today is called world music.

When times come for the wedding a Macedonian dance is played and the the plays fiddler, Poiesh Soudagar, plays a typical Swedish melody on the kamancheh, a string instrument from Iran.

The dancers also switches betseen Swedish folk dance and other kinds of folk dance, street dance and acrobatics. The staging of one of the sisters drowning accident (or murder?) is impressive.

The dancers now lie on the floor underneath a blue cover and moves up and down so that the cover becomes the wavy lake. The lake slowly pulls the sister down.

Equally skillfully – yes, professionally – playes as danced. An exemplary short and therefore intensive play, that makes you both happy and starts you thinking.

Kalle och Lisa

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This is a presentation film about 2011 years project. (It's in Swedish.)